Since our goal is to help inhabitants around the world to improve their home, all our products are home improvement related. 

Therefore, the products we’re sourcing in Asia cover a very wide range of industries, from metal (hardware, bathroom accessories, faucets, barbecues...), plastic (tools, containers), glass (mirrors, shower inclosure), wood (furniture), electric (switch and sockets, fans, lighting), motorized (lawnmowers, power tools), ceramic (basins, tiles) or textile (cushion, curtain).

 Whatever the products we source, they must reach a high level of quality and performance, so as to satisfy the expectations of our customers worldwide. 

Quality and Corporate and Social Responsibility are foundations of trust. Trust for our customers and also for our collaborators. The Quality & CSR team in the International Supplier Quality Platform focuses on their utility for Adeo and our Customers. 
Our main missions are to qualify our factories thanks to the realization of Quality, Social and Environmental Audits, to ensure the Compliance of our products, and manage the stability of our production by performing controls.
More than ever before, our determination to be useful to people all over the world has led us to place our social and environmental impact at the forefront of our concerns. More and more of our customers, suppliers and partners are concerned about making a POSITIVE contribution. This is becoming a global impulse. The home improvement platform we’re building is firmly rooted in positive values, of which we are truly proud. Now we are transposing these values into our advanced KPIs, along with coworker safety, our sharing and employee shareholding policies and reducing our carbon footprint, challenges which are integral to our fundamental principles. Protecting our resources is still at the core of our development. Strong sustainable development commitments have been taken by our companies for the future so that the Women and Men at ADEO contribute to a more humane, more sustainable world every day. Today we are continuing to glean the fruit of our actions, and are delighted to share a few of our achievements with you here. 

CO² = -25% in 2025,-40% in 2030, -50% in 2035.
the CO² accounting of our business activity to prevent, reduce and offset emissions.
the impact of the logistics and supply chain.
and using exemplary facilities.

 We are working with suppliers and their factories located all over China and Vietnam. All our suppliers must reach a high level of industrial mastery, insuring the quality and the performance of our products, at the best cost. 
We also expect our suppliers to share our values; they should then take care of their teams as we do, and we expect them to have the same level of demand with their own suppliers. 
We wish to develop long term partnerships on a win-win basis: we are a developing group and can provide huge business opportunities, we require our partners provide us the highly competitive and qualitative products. 
All our partners play a vital role in our own developmentOur wish: the cooperative relationship is based on trust, mutual respect, synergy and efficiency, common values and long-term partnership.
Help us ensure customer satisfaction:
  • by offering quality products at the best possible price
  • by prioritising innovation and performance
  • by pooling our combined strengths in research and development
  • by ensuring environmental protection
  • by adhering to our ethical code of conduct.
  • by building long-lasting partnerships.