We are looking for people who want to take up a challenge. Our business is developing around the world so we are working in a dynamic environment with constant change. 
We chose personalities as much as professional skills. Above all you need to be passionate about what you do. 
Join us, you will take great pleasure in developing your leadership and building human relationships with multicultural teams all over the world.
Listen to our teams to get to know us better. 

Hi everyone, my name is Jacky, I’m the Category Team Leader for Electricity, I have been working in ADEO for 10 years. What I’m happy to share with you is a fantastic big family where we always put people first with respect, sharing spirit & personal development.

My jobs are sourcing the most valuable products for our store to deliver satisfaction to our customers, building the trust between our customers & our brands by our strong quality management, developing & grow with our supplier partners, supporting all my team to grow & build personal careers.

Thanks to the new industrialization strategy, we keep growing & reinforcing the professionalism on industrial knowledge and our projects contribute to making us stronger to face the future success! We warmly welcome all of you to join us as a leader of ADEO!

Hello everyone, this is Gabriella, a PS in ADEO. I've worked in ADEO for almost 7 years, from a single lady to a Mum of a boy in 3 years old.

In ADEO, PS is very important and shoulder significant responsibilities. We are responsible for making plan, providing proposal for decision-making, and inter-departmental communication to find best solution to balance design, quality and price. We always provide best options to our stores.  Working in ADEO, we have the opportunity to work with outstanding experts in each industry. Under ADEO's unique "Sharing" culture, everybody are positively sharing their knowhow, ideas and their lives. I do find a way to make my career valuable and life happy at here.

What is the best thing about working at ADEO? I think It is able to exert an influence in improving the happiness of inhabitants. I can develop with our suppliers for a product, and in a year, tens of millions of people in Europe will be using it. If you working in a smaller environment would think that this is simply impossible.

Hello everyone, Im Katrina, I am working from Supply Chain Department in ADEO. In the last ten years, ADEO big family brought me with an amazing memory, which makes me more deeply love my company and my job.

I was working as Supply Chain Specialist (SCS) based on Electricity department around 8 years. I was in charge of order processing & follow up, supplier management, data management and supply chain optimization.

In the recent two years, I am working as Supply Chain Coordinator (SCC) from Supply Chain Department. I take more responsibility of supply chain project in office. On one hand, I am co-working closely with more departments with electric products to optimize supply chain projects and improve KPI as well. On the other hand, I have provided different trainings to SCS team in order to improve skills, and meanwhile, deploy new processes to well implement in each department.

With development of purchasing industrialization, we have new missions and take more responsibility in terms of supply chain, which is more interesting with challenge and creativity. I am expecting more talented people to join ADEO and lets together make contribution with passion and creativity to ADEO supply chain.

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan, I joined ADEO in 2014. As product Compliance Quality Manager for furniture, bathroom accessories and storage:

●         I improve the Quality of our product base on feedback of our customers and return rate

●        I test the product according to the protocol defined to ensure the quality of our products

I am very proud to be able to work in the big family of ADEO, providing safe and satisfactory products, so that every consumer in the world can realize their dream home because of our products. As a quality person, every customer's praise is the biggest affirmation of my hard work.

ADEO has developed very fast, which also gives our employees a good development platform, so that I can grow as the company grows.

In 2018, I became a shareholder of ADEO, sharing the company's profits and letting me find a sense of belonging. Every day of hard work, not only creates value for the company, but also creates value for yourself.

I am Ling Lin. I work in ADEO as a Supplier Quality Manager. ADEO is really an attractive company, full of passion, open and employee oriented. ADEO is introducing industrialization into supply chain, this need SQMs’ effort and our expertise. Our team is a new established one. We all come from different industries and backgrounds. We brought new culture, new way of working for supplier management.

SQM focus on “Supplier Quality Development and Management”. The main mission for us is to manage quality and social audits for suppliers. We arrange audits and implement corrective actions after audit. Also, supplier process management and non-conformity handling are our tasks. We need to introduce PFMEA and CP for new projects and follow product quality in mass production.

I have been in ADEO for 6 months. I like the culture here, easy to adapt. People are open and nice. I have started to share my view and got a lot of supports from my team.

Welcome you to join ADEO SQM Team!

With 4000 m2 in Shanghai, we are not only one of the largest Global Sourcing offices in China but also one of the most successful. ​
In ADEO we really care about health
-    offices are situated in the best locations, near public transport access to reduce travel time and close to sports facilities 
     where our employees are given sports  cards to incite them to keep fit. 
-    ergonomic furniture is used to prevent health problems and materials and paint are chosen to reduce VOC emissions.
-    air purifying system installed in our Shanghai office with the level of pollution visible.   
-    spaces for lunch are also used to share healthy tea-times
-    comfort is maximized with as much natural light as possible
We work in an international environment
-    international project teams work every day together
-    meeting rooms are equipped for international conferences
-    free Italian coffee, tea and snacks are provided
Our work spaces are designed by our employees to match their use   
-    work spaces are transparent; manager offices are open and near to the teams to promote proximity. 
-    exchange is encouraged with spaces where we can co-work, have speed meetings and spaces for creativity. 
-    places for training to develop your skills or share best practices. 
-    quiet spaces to relax, read in the library or work elsewhere than behind a desk
-    our products are part of the decoration to be proud of what we create
These offices are totally ADEO style, and from design to construction, our teams participated the entire project.  

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We are looking for entrepreneurial spirits who like taking responsibilities in their perimeter but also who like sharing their know-how with others. You will work in proximity with other teams on projects and encouraged to proactively share your ideas. 
During our first meeting you will exchange on your career plan and learn more about ADEO. This will be the starting point of an adventure that we hope will be long. Depending on your profile and the mission proposed you will meet between 2 and 3 other people.
When you arrive, you will have an internal coach to guide you in your first steps. 
Over the first months you will discover your integration pathway adapted to your job, our products and our ADEO way of working. Your colleagues will also help you to better understand how ADEO works. 


When you arrive, you will have an internal coach to guide you in your first steps. 
Over the first months you will discover your integration pathway adapted to your job, our products and our ADEO way of working. Your colleagues will also help you to better understand how ADEO works. 
Joining an ADEO company, you will benefit from the sharing policy: 
-Progress quarterly bonus based on our office results
-Adeo annual sharing based on Adeo global results
-Company shareholding based on Adeo results 
You will also receive: 
-1 month salary annual bonus
-Allowance for lunch and mobile phone use
Sharing knowledge and know-how between teams is an essential part of our culture.
Training will be tailored to your needs with your manager on anything from products, management, personal development and specific skills linked to your job.